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Projects that I'm working on...

here's my list of projects:

* making tables out of old windows. Preferrably ones with lots of panes, so I can cover it with glass and arrange curiosities in the spaces between.

* desktop and webpage backgrounds (currently hosted here)

* the website referenced above, itself. (BIG project)

* Designing my wardrobe and getting together lists of materials and patterns and notions and such to take with me when I go shopping.

* Decorating my room and what part of the house I can get away with.

* Writing down my major dreams and working them into my Dreams writing project. Working on sketches for drawings and layouts, graphic wise.

* Plan and arrange home shrine for the next few seasons. work on aquiring a few new additions and pretty seasonal cloths.

* get addresses for Yule greetings and send cards.

* work on getting my lj dream journal active. Keep a more consistant dream record.

hmm... that's all I can think of for now.
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