sloper (sloper) wrote in project_lists,

This may take years to complete.

Well, I can see this community has not been active in a long time, but hopefully by posting I can remind others to do the same. Basically I'm just nosy and would rather see other peoples' to-do lists than revisit my own, but I guess a little give-and-take won't hurt.

My unfinished knitting projects:

  • Eyelet pullover for myself: finish the front & remaining sleeve
  • Sunburst pullover for husband: still on first piece, but moving quickly.
  • Mohair pullover with little cilia-like I-cord bits: finish a bunch more I-cord bits so I can progress past that part & feel like I'm making some progress.
  • Find notes on green legwarmer pattern I made up so I can start second one.
  • Make a mate to the Wool-ease cabled legwarmer
  • Rip out the Reniassance Tunic because the cables make me look 20 lbs. heavier than usual, plus there are a ton of mistakes in it that are driving me crazy.
  • Red acrylic cardigan I found that I started ages ago: decide if it's worth finishing.
  • Red recycled wool sweater: decide if this is too itchy to finish knitting.
  • Finish socks from handspun
  • Finish pink wool sock, knit another one, then dye a color I will actually wear? maybe.
  • Green/purple variegated pullover: swatch some increases & decreases in seed stitch to see what, if anything, works. Think about possibility of having to use another yarn for ribbing at neckline & cuffs due to running out of yarn.
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