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greetings and salutations.

i have issues getting too many things on my plate and then never finishing any of them, even though they're all about 90% done.

so, in no particular order:

* finish stripping, and then restain (ebony) apothecary cabinet
* stain tchotchke boxen for studio
* build teashelf like bloodlossgirl's for kitchen, and then stain/paint said tea shelf.
* lay out wall hangings

* frame wolfie's motherboard (find fancy frame first)
* find fancy frames for photo wall so i can put up family photos.
* actually frame and put them up

* finish current jewelry projects, and get them out at the museum shop and savoir faire
* look into other consignment possibilities
* sell backstock of kittyhats

* relaunch with new content and images
* relaunch with new layout

* make jeffreyp a window for his basement office (mount a large picture behind a paned window so he can pretend he has a view).

* work on film and photography projects.

* ...and finish the many other things i know i've forgotten.
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