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muchness of inspitation...

we went to dragoncon yesterday and today. there was so much nifty things, craft-wise there... it made my creative juices drippy... i wish i had the time and the moral inclination to actually do some of the niftiness. i'm going to write them all down in my new craftiness journal (yay) when the con is over and then mull over the many options and ideas within it and THEN decide upon a project (other than my quilt top) and actually do it. (i think i can, i think i can, i think i can... therefore i can?)

there were horns for the heads of the hornless, and elven ears for those who are not of that particular species... velvet bustiers and weskits, many lace up thingamagiggies with boobs popping out from within like there were going to be no tomorrow to show off the bodaciousness.

the ultimate wrongness: someone bought some of those little pine boxes from walmart, the 97cent kind, and painted them without and within and charged TEN BUCKS for them!!! i'm not kidding. made me nauseous..

there were millions of little firedragons upon shoulders, and many a walking stick with curious and interesting thingies on their tops. there were game lords and game lackeys everywhere... and the leather masks were majorly kick-ass!!!

there were also s&m thinginess... paddles with cute little holes bored into them, and leather lashes for the spankiness of things.. :D

anywho, i had major ideas there to ponder upon... when i have more to tell, i will. wish me luck!!
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