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Window update

Well, it's taking forever, but I think I might be finally progressing on my Wall Window project. My room is rather dark. I have two windows side by side on a wall that faces the house next door, so I don't get a lot of light in. This is what I've decided to do about it.

I've talked to My Brother the Carpenter, and he has agreed to assist me in building four nine paned window frames. It shouldn't be that hard, and I'll post the techniques I end up with when they come to fruition.

The plan is to take these new windows and add small lights from Radio Shack or wherever and backlight each individual pane of glass. I'm hoping to find a way to use rice paper or something of the sort to diffuse the light and then make each pane a different season or time of day and give each window a different theme. I've started sketching out the themes and building idea fodder for materials. I think what I end up using will depend on how the lights turn out.

I'm also thinking that a one pane prototype would be a good idea. Something not glued to tightly together so I can run a few ideas through it before I start on the big ones.

Eventually, when I finally get the dang things done, I want to put two side by side on each wall sharing a corner with the wall that has the real windows. I might also make a few mirrors and mini knick-knack shelves to go between and above them, but I haven't decided yet.

yup, this is turning into the project of the decade, but it's gonna be ::so:: cool when I finally figure it out! yay!

-- yes, I am obsessed with the dang windows. I promise there will be more (and different) project ideas later. :)
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