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Windows for my walls.

Alright. I've got this decorating idea. I want to make windows for my walls. I'm thinking of using an idea I saw on the do-it-yourself network about a year ago, for a table made out of an old paned window and mix it with another idea from christopher lowell for a small mirror made out of an old window.

I'm thinking of buying a newish to older window, or making a framework myself, and backing it with a thin board. I'm wondering if I could find some way of lighting each frame from above with supplies from Radio Shack and using some sort of translucent paper to make a scene for each pane. this way, I can make a battery powered light up window for my wall, with a scene in it, possibly seasonal, that I can change out at will.

Obviously, I'm still in free flight idea mode, even though I've been thinking of this for about a year now. I'm thinking I might actually have some time and money to do this in January. At least the prototype. I'll get to see if it works and if it's worth making any more of them and streamlining the process.

Anywhoo... that's my idea for now. I'll post more when I've got the process worked out a little more coherently.
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