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my current non-writing project lists.

- stone, clay and plaster
** work on getting stone tools
** clean up one of the rooms in the basement and make it a small studio. Add flourescent grow lights and plants. Put in a work table and lockable cabinets for tools and such. Get a big 30 gallon trash bin and bags. Make wall curtains to deaden sound.
** look for ceramic classes in the area. see if I can start a fund for a small electric kiln.
- metals
** find out where the local scrap yards are. Work on buying tools. set up a separate area in the above work room.
** brainstorm for ideas and sketch them in the green sketchbook.
** find books on metalworking and start a section in my "library"
** do mostly jewelry for now and get the silver chain materials first. Write the list for them in my shopping notebook.
- mixed media
** work on project lists
- furniture, wall hangings and quilt patterns
** velvet curtains, velvet futon cover, painted floor cloth, window panes to hang on the walls. paintings and mirrors for the walls, wall curtains and tapestries, grow lights for my room.
- costumes and clothing
** get designs and supply lists organized and in one place in my shopping notebook. make a swatch board and size sheet readily available.
** work on getting the supplies and fabrics needed for making that corset pattern.
** work on gettting a definate color scheme and style down.
** start in renfest costumes in January.
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