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more lists.


* print new business cards for youngermans
* make more music cards for youngermans

* make a list of outstanding jewelry projects, and finish them
* photo remainder of jewelry on bust. woo.

* sell backstock of kittyhats.
* pimp wares on lj communities, ebay?

* june 2005 wedding photo gigs?

* finish site redesign
* relaunch site
* mini-movie (borrow jeffreyp's camera)


* call devil's lake re: reservation policies & costs
* meet w/doc & eleanor re: ceremony at the art park

* flesh out reception menu (20pcs/person, plus beverages?)
* call wollersheim re: case discount on wine? - $7.50/bottle, direct. woodman's - $6.75/bottle
* talk to bleaknimue re: cake plans - ice cream mochi cake in five flavors
* price out half-barrels of sprecher root beer (and woodchuck)
* price out hotels (madison or baraboo? group discount? jeff and i stay there?)
* location for rehersal dinner? - bluphie's?
* wedding shower?
* engagement party? (sushi feed!)
* price out rings - 3 or 4mm white gold band, 5mm titanium band for jeffreyp

* get guest list addresses and additions from mum and jan.
* book musicians? (t andrews on guitar, string quartet, harpist?)

* remember the things i've forgotten


* stop at the copps on university to deposit two checks.
* stop at crap market for paper. i want to mock up xmess cards.
* maybe stop at hancock to pick up holders.
* stop at pottery barn for candle holder?
* get 1/16" antique gold eyelets and/or brads for xmess cards
* order audmatic stamp (or zingzoo?)
* photog and list clothes on ebay/velvet garden
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