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how i spent my summer vacation...

i've been working on things this summer, since i'm not in school OR working... sighhhh. but i'm also without child, so that makes for lots of time on my hands. i've made a ton of dollie furniture for my beanie kids to pose for photo shoots... i made them a living room suite and a bedroom suite, and i have the foam core board to make them a bathroom for a shower scene. done so much of all that that i'm a little burned out, so i'm taking a break from dollie mania.

lets' see... what else have i done... i've made two new coolio purses with a fast and easy pattern from simplicity...i've painted an elephant bank for my special treat savings account... two blouses... i have my quilt top and wall hanging and shams all cut and the quilt halfway pieced. hmmmm...

i think that's about it. for some dang reason it seemed like a lot more.

i want to start on christmas and halloween things soon, too. AND dragoncon is in like 6 weeks! chad sez we can stay at the site hotel this year!! yay!! (jane... if you'd like to bring "anybody" and share the room, that would rock!! let me know if you're interested?)

so that's it for now, i guess. :D
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